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3D PLUS is a high-tech company specialized in microelectronics, using interconnection technologies on three-dimensional electrical components for the production of miniaturized products.

After being designed and produced in France, our products are used all around the world in operations that require high performance and reliability standards– notably in the aerospace sector, in which we have gained significant recognition throughout the years.

The strong dedication of our employees has allowed us to achieve high product quality levels that have been recognized since 2004 by French and European spatial agencies, and explain the strong loyalty our clients make proof of by constantly involving us in their new operations and challenging our teams to increase the performance and competitiveness of their projects. In fact, our quality management system has been certified ISO 9001 v 2015.

Our objectives remain driving the company’s growth, while ensuring the sustainability and development of our society, and constantly improving our quality process following our essential values: Developing innovative products, listening to our clients and producing highly reliable products.

Considering the environmental crisis we are facing, and conscious of the role we play within our ecosystem, 3D PLUS initiated its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach in 2021 to meet the challenges of the sustainable development of its activities, for its Customers. , with the involvement of its employees and that of its partners. After years of continuous improvement, 3D PLUS is proud to announce that in 2023 it has obtained the Committed CSR label at the Confirmed level.

The analysis of the important subjects for our interested parties allowed us to select the main CSR axes and objectives:

  • Compliance with applicable regulations,
  • The needs and requirements of our Clients, our professionalism and the ethics of our practices,
  • The improvement of working conditions and the reduction of professional risks,
  • The reduction of environmental impacts for the protection of the environment,
  • Our involvement with our service providers and partners,
  • Our contribution to the development of jobs and local development.

Our main CSR and Sustainable Development objectives aim to:

  • Optimize our growth and sustain economic development,
  • Promote the well-being and professional development of our employees,
  • Prevent Health & Safety, Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility risks,
  • Interact with our key stakeholders,
  • Respect the rules of conduct, ethics and regulations.

Our objectives and our improvements structure our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. Periodically, 3D PLUS analyzes this commitment, its progress and its objectives to progress and promote its development.

The Board of Directors wishes for CSR to be at the center of the company’s operations in the objective of maintaining the ISO 26000 certification.The integration of sustainability to our strategy is a catalyst for our collaborators’ motivation and represents an opportunity for growth and progress within our company.


                                                                                                        Date : 06/04/2023,

                                                                                                        Pierre-Éric Berthet,

General Director of 3D PLUS