Design Expertise Modèles électriques

3D PLUS standard products feature high density and high electrical performance.

They are used in high performance and advanced digital electronic applications where component density, data bus width (up to 128-bit wide) and operating frequency (up to 900MHz) require extensive design work and PWB layout simulations to check/verify signal integrity, EMI, and transition response.

The preferred simulation model for 3D PLUS Stacks is the IBIS Model (I/O Buffer Information Specification). It gives the behavioral description of the I/O buffers and package characteristics of a stack.

3D PLUS stacks IBIS models are non-coupled lumped LCR models derived from TDR measurements in order to reflect the exact characteristics of the 3D technology package and of the semiconductor devices embedded in the stack.

IBIS or EBD models are available on demand for standard products. Specific models can be developed on customers’ request.