Design Expertise Assurance des radiations

With more than 200,000 modules in space as of 2022, and with more than 22 years of flight heritage with no reported failure, 3D PLUS is the largest Hybrid space qualified catalog products and customer system-in-packages (SIPs) manufacturer in Europe.

3D PLUS Radiation Assurance Policy has been initially set-up for its Radiation Tolerant Products, and it covers all the effects induced on semiconductor devices by the Space radiation environment. In Space, electronic devices are subject to radiations (electrons, heavy ions, high energy protons,…).

Interactions between these particles and silicon structures of the 3D PLUS stack induce two types of effects:

Total Ionizing Dose (TID)

Ionization induced in semiconductor materials or associated insulators, such as silicon dioxide layers, can lead to charge trapping or the formation of interface states at the semiconductor-insulator boundary, affecting component behavior or material properties. In MOS devices, the trapped charge can lead to a shift in the gate threshold voltage, and for semiconductors in general, interface states can significantly increase device leakage currents. The device tolerance depends on the semiconductor technology, process, diffusion mask, and wafer fabrication facility. The device tolerance is expressed in krad(Si) based on wafer diffusion lot -batch code.

Single Event Effects (SEE)

Effect either caused by direct ionization from a single travelling particle or by recoiling nuclei emitted from a nuclear interaction. The device tolerance is dependent on the semiconductor technology, process, and diffusion mask. The device tolerance is expressed in Linear Energy Transfer (LET) (MeV.cm²/mg) and cross section (cm²/device or cm²/bit) based on die mask revision. The SEE can be distinguished in three main categories:

  • Single Event Latch-up (SEL)
    Potentially destructive triggering of a parasitic PNPN thyristor structure in a device.
  • Single Event Functional Interrupt (SEFI)
    Interrupt caused by a single particle strike which leads to a temporary nonfunctionality (or interruption of normal operation) of the affected device.
  • Single Event Upset (SEU)
    Single bit flip in a digital element that has been caused by either direct ionization from a traversing article or by a recoiling nuclei emitted from a nuclear interaction.

Availability of the radiation data

Generic results can be found at the 3D PLUS website for each product family. For each part number, the radiation result can be found within the product detail specification at chapter 6.

Generic report can be delivered under NDA. Generic test conditions and single event cross section curve will be listed in the generic report to permit the designer to make error rate calculation.

Detail report can be reviewed at 3D PLUS. Detailed test conditions and datalog during test will be listed in detail report.

Option R: Specific TID verification test can be requested with option R (according to part number decoder), and the detailed TID report will be delivered with the product.