Our Mission Is That You Achieve Yours

3D PLUS is the world-leading supplier of advanced high-density 3D microelectronic products, bare die and wafer level stacking technology meeting the demand for high reliability.

3D PLUS products are used in high technology industries such as aerospace, defense, security and avionics. With more than 200,000 modules in space, and more than 25 years of flight heritage with no reported failure, we provide to the global space and defense industry for all types of applications: telecommunications, Earth observation, navigation, launch and manned space vehicles, science missions and constellations. We offer a wide range of products including Memory and IP cores, Computer Cores, Interfaces, POL converters, Peripherals and Radiation Protection ICs, Camera heads and Custom System-In-Package (SiP) solutions.
  • Incorporation date : October 1995
  • Workforce : 300 employees
  • Implantation : Worldwide
  • ISO Certification
  • ESA Certification

Key benefits

  • Innovation

    Inventor of 3D stacked Electronics for Space

  • Quality

    High quality Referential with ISO and Space Agencies certifications


    Our Support teams are everywhere you are to ensure your satisfaction


    Rugged components able to withstand harsh environments and space radiation effects

  • Performance

    Dense, fast, rad hardened, system in packages, miniaturized


    Over 25 years of flight heritage and more than 200 000 modules in Space.


    Expertise in obsolescence management and long term supply

Our expertise

  • High Performance Products

  • Radiation Expertise

  • Miniaturization

  • Long Term Availability

  • Proven Technology Manufacturing Process

  • Electronic Design