Overview: Radiation Tolerant DDR SDRAM Space Memory

3D PLUS offers a range of advanced DDR memory solutions designed specifically for challenging space environments. Ranging from 2 Gb to 8 Gb, these Radiation Tolerant DDR SDRAM stacks deliver high density and high-speed performance, capable of achieving speeds up to 400 MT/s. powered at 2.5 V, these memories come with a variety of data bus widths including x16b, x32b, and x72b, making them the highest density and fastest space-qualified DDR options on the market.

Available in compact SOP or BGA packages, these DDR1 modules are engineered for high resistance Surface Mount (SMT) assembly, ensuring they can withstand harsh thermal and mechanical conditions typical of space missions. First released in 2009, 3D PLUS’s SDRAM products have become a staple in high-performance computer boards, acting as fast processor RAM and providing high-density storage in Solid State Data Recorder boards.

Renowned for their reliability, 3D PLUS space memories have been deployed across a wide array od space applications, from scientific exploration to deep space missions. The radiation tolerant DDR SDRAM have been integral to missions such as Formosta-5, SWOT, Exomars 2022 among others. As the demand for Rad-hard and Radiation Tolerant memory solutions continues to grow, 3D PLUS remains at the forefront, offering unparalleled performance and durability for the most demanding space environments.

Key features

  • Highest density – smallest footprint (more than 85 % space savings in the design)

  • Wide data bus up to x72.

    High speed up to 400 MT/s

  • Radiation tolerance:

    TID > 50 krad(Si)

    SEL LETth > 80 MeV.cm²/mg

    SEU LETth : 0.7 MeV.cm²/mg ;
    σsat = 1E-9 cm²/bit

    SEFI LETth : 0.7 MeV.cm²/mg ;
    σsat = 5.6E-4 cm²/device

  • Space quality level.

    No pure tin guarantee (less than 97% tin guarantee)

  • Very long life time electronics (technology proven for 15 to 18 years missions in space)

  • Worldwide delivery guarantee


The DDR1 are not recommended for new design.

Line Up


Each 3D PLUS standard product and SiP solution are defined by a specific part number based on the part number decoder provided below. The ordering information consist as a minimum of the following 3 items for fully define a product:

  • The product’s Part Number
  • The temperature range
  • The screening level

For High Reliability products or SiPs for Aerospace applications, a Source Control Drawing (SCD#) referenced 3DPA-xxxx is available for each product. It shall be used for its procurement in addition to other ordering information.
Memory Part Number Decoder

Density Part Number Description Package Temperature
2 Gb 3D1D2G16TS2174 128M x16
400 MT/s
SOP 66 -40 °C to +105 °C
3D1D2G32TS2491 64M x32
400 MT/s
SOP 86 -40 °C to +105 °C
4 Gb 3D1D4G72TB2729 64M x72
400 MT/s
BGA 239 -40 °C to +105 °C
8 Gb 3D1D8G16TS8466 512M x16
400 MT/s
SOP 78 -40 °C to +105 °C


Design Tools

Design Tools

2 Gb

3D1D2G16TS2174 - Assembly Recommendations PDF - 805 ko Download
3D1D2G16TS2174 - Footprint PDF - 280 ko Download
3D1D2G32TS2491 - Assembly Recommendations PDF - 805 ko Download
3D1D2G32TS2491 - Footprint PDF - 297 ko Download

4 Gb

3D1D4G72TB2729 - Assembly Recommendations PDF - 805 ko Download
3D1D4G72TB2729 - Footprint PDF - 392 ko Download

8 Gb

3D1D8G16TS8466 - Assembly Recommendations PDF - 805 ko Download
3D1D8G16TS8466 - Footprint PDF - 284 ko Download


Other technical documentation is available under request: IBIS, RTL, Step and Mechanical file, Radiation Report.

Density Part Number Flyer
2 Gb 3D1D2G16TS2174 Flyer PDF - 86ko Download
2 Gb 3D1D2G32TS2491 Flyer PDF - 78ko Download
4 Gb 3D1D4G72TB2729 Flyer PDF - 165ko Download
8 Gb 3D1D8G16TS8466 Flyer PDF - 82ko Download