Market Defense & security

3D PLUS expertise is at the heart of mission-critical defense and security applications. Thanks to our extreme miniaturization and ruggedized standard products and SiPs, customers gain a competitive advantage for their projects.

We understand the need of all companies to receive the guarantee of using genuine electronics products. 3D PLUS works since years on the need of reliable electronics and is very much aware that counterfeit electronics is a tremendous threat for critical military defense systems that include everything from special operations helicopters and surveillance planes, to missile guidance and global positioning systems. By controlling the whole supply chain, we always take the commitment to deliver original products to our customers.

Key benefits

Our clients realize key features and benefits thanks to the 3D PLUS State-of-the-Art stacking technology, its recognized design, manufacturing and test expertise, and its proven product’s long life cycle management:

  • Extreme miniaturization

  • Capability to merge heterogeneous component technologies (Die-Package-Passive) and functions (sensor, actuators, communication, processing, storage) in one single Package

  • Very High Performance

    Very High Reliability

  • Rugged to harsh environments (thermal, vibrations, shocks)

  • Guarantee of using genuine electronics products

  • Long term availability

Application fields

  • Flight Control, Navigation, Cockpit displays, Digital map systems,

  • Radar processing

    Mission data recorders

  • Aircraft camera

  • Phase Array radars T/R modules

  • Missile guidance

  • Signals Intelligence

    Threat detection and avoidance

  • Combat management

    Mission control

  • Target recognition and verification

  • Battlefield sensors and Abandoned sensors’ network

  • Embedded training

  • Mobile command centers

  • Localization and movement detection for security forces (firefighters, policemen, soldiers)