Overview: PROM non volatile space memory

PROM are One-Time only Programmable (OTP) non volatile memories. 3D PLUS PROMs are based on rugged memory cell technology and manufactured on epitaxial semiconductor substrates. 3D PLUS stacking process, allows us to offer up to 128 Mb PROM, in SOP package for high resistance Surface Mount (SMT) assembly and withstanding harsh thermal and mechanical environments.

First released in 2013, 3D PLUS PROMs are a sweet fit to be used as processor’s boot and program PROM in a variety of high performance and high reliability computer boards. These memory modules have been used on missions such as ISS-ASIM Observatory, CYGNISS, and others.

Key features

  • Non volatile and One-Time Programmable

    Serial or 8-bit parallel interface

    20 years data retention

    Worldwide delivery guarantee

  • Radiation tolerance:

    TID > 50 krad (Si)

    SEL Immune, LETth > 120 MeV.cm²/mg

    SEU Immune, LETth > 120 MeV.cm²/mg

  • No pure tin guarantee

    Flight heritage with technology proven for 15 to 18 years missions in space

Line Up


Each 3D PLUS standard product and SiP solution are defined by a specific part number based on the part number decoder provided below. The ordering information consist as a minimum of the following 3 items for fully define a product:

  • The product’s Part Number
  • The temperature range
  • The screening level

For High Reliability products or SiPs for Aerospace applications, a Source Control Drawing (SCD#) referenced 3DPA-xxxx is available for each product. It shall be used for its procurement in addition to other ordering information.
Memory Part Number Decoder

Density Part Number Description Package Temperature
32 Mb 3DPO32M08VS1419 4M x8
Clock rate: 20 MHz
SOP 44 -55 °C to +125 °C
64 Mb 3DPO64M08VS2299 8M x8
Clock rate: 20 MHz
SOP 44 -55 °C to +125 °C
128 Mb 3DPO128M08VS4667 16M x8
Clock rate: 20 MHz
SOP 44 -55 °C to +125 °C


Design Tools

Design Tools

32 Mb

3D2D1G08US1285 - Assembly Recommendations PDF - 805 ko Download
3DPO32M08VS1419 - Footprint PDF - 266 ko Download

64 Mb

3DPO64M08VS2299 - Assembly Recommendations PDF - 805 ko Download
3DPO64M08VS2299 - Footprint PDF - 270 ko Download

128 Mb

3DPO128M08VS4667 - Assembly Recommendations PDF - 805 ko Download
3DPO128M08VS4667 - Footprint PDF - 254 ko Download


Module Part Flyer
32 Mb 3DPO32M08VS1419 Flyer PDF - 81ko Download
64 Mb 3DPO64M08VS2299 Flyer PDF - 87ko Download
128 Mb 3DPO128M08VS4667 Flyer PDF - 88ko Download