The IRIS Camera family offers standard products targeting a wide range of imaging applications and are designed for space environment. Based on 3D PLUS standard CASPEX 4 Megapixels camera heads family, the IRIS Family provide full camera solutions to the users, associating the sensor and its electronics with space grade optical lenses assemblies and mechanical casing suitable for space environment.

The IRIS Space Cameras embed a standard CASPEX 4 Mpx camera heads with its standard FPGA design providing a SpaceWire Interface to the user. The camera head is shielded by a 5mm thick aluminum standard casing, providing additional radiation shielding to the electronics, as well as an efficient mechanical and thermal interface to the spacecraft. Several standard optical assemblies are available to equip the camera to target a wide range of applications.

The IRIS Space Cameras are generic products, suitable for multiple space applications such as scientific imaging, platform and payload monitoring, startracking or navigation applications, and are already selected for multiple missions covering these applications. The design of their different parts, especially the camera heads, for space environment allows for 3D PLUS Cameras to be used in LEO, GEO or deep-space mission and already benefits from qualification campaigns of multiple missions.

Key features

Turn-key space camera solution

  • Space Qualified CASPEX 4Mpx Camera Head:

    • 2048×2048 Visible CMOS image sensor (Mono/RGB)
    • All-integrated processing and power electronics
    • Up to 5 full frames per second in burst mode
    • Up to 2 full frames per second in continuous readout
    • Standard SpaceWire interface
  • Multiple space grade optical lenses assemblied

    • 8 mm focal length
    • 11 mm focal length
    • Future designs ongoing
  • Full casing design

    • 5 mm thick aluminum casing
    • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Operating temperature range :

    • -40°C to +55°C
  • Compact design

    • 86x72x69* mm3
    • Less than 400 g

    * Depending on optical lenses assembly

  • Enhanced radiation performances:

    • Rad-hard by Design CASPEX 4 Mpx Camera Head
      • TID > 30 krad
      • SEL LET  60 MeV.cm²/mg
      • Benefits from casing thickness
    • Rad-hard optical lenses assemblies
      • Limited radiation effect on lenses for most missions



Line Up

Line Up

Each 3D PLUS standard product and SiP solution are defined by a specific part number based on the part number decoder provided below. The ordering information consist as a minimum of the following 3 items for fully define a product:

  • The product’s Part Number
  • The temperature range
  • The screening level

For High Reliability products or SiPs for Aerospace applications, a Source Control Drawing (SCD#) referenced 3DPA-xxxx is available for each product. It shall be used for its procurement in addition to other ordering information.
Camera Part Number Decoder

Product Part Number Description Interface Temperature
IRIS 8 mm Mono 3DCS04M080942 4Mpx Monochrome Space Camera with 8mm focal length objective 2 MDM 9 pins connectors SpaceWire and 4.5 to 9V Power supply -40°C to +55°C
IRIS 8 mm RGB 3DCS04M080943 4Mpx RGB Space Camera with 8mm focal length objective
IRIS 11 mm Mono 3DCS04M110944 4Mpx Monochrome Space Camera with 11mm focal length objective
IRIS 11 mm RGB 3DCS04M110945 4Mpx RGB Space Camera with 11mm focal length objective




Other technical documentation is available under request: IBIS, RTL, Step and Mechanical file, Radiation Report.

Title Part Number Flyer
IRIS 8mm Mono 3DCS04M080942 Flyer PDF - 486ko Download
IRIS 8mm RGB 3DCS04M080943 Flyer PDF - 486ko Download
IRIS 11mm Mono 3DCS04M110944 Flyer PDF - 686ko Download
IRIS 11mm RGB 3DCS04M110945 Flyer PDF - 686ko Download