Market Aerospace

Recognized for their electrical performance, miniaturization, quality, high reliability and Radiation Assurance level (TID, SEL, SEU), 3D PLUS space qualified products and custom SiPs are used worldwide in all the space applications fields: Telecommunications, Navigation, Earth observation, Climate monitoring, Space transportation and Sciences.

With more than 200 000 modules in Space in 2022, and with more than 22 years of Flight Heritage with no Failure, 3D PLUS is the largest Hybrid Space Qualified catalog products and custom System-In-Packages (SiPs) manufacturer in Europe.

Our Manufacturing line and capability domain are qualified by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the French Space Agency (CNES) for Space applications, and our most-used catalog products are listed in the ESA EPPL (European Preferred Parts List). 3D PLUS is also Approved Supplier for NASA centers and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in the United States of America.

Our products and SiP Solutions are used in diverse computer boards, data recorders boards and custom applications for bus and payloads. They are used for both digital and analog designs, and, for frequency ranges from few Hz to several GHz.

3D PLUS products and SiPs are used by the major Aerospace Prime Contractors, Systems and Equipments’ manufacturers, and Space Agencies worldwide. Our Flight Heritage is expanding continuously with products launched in Space almost every month in GEO, MEO and LEO orbit, for deep space exploration missions and for satellites constellation fleets.

Key benefits

3D PLUS catalog products, SiPs solutions realize key features, and benefits for Space applications:

  • High density

  • Electrical performance

  • Miniaturization (very small form factors, very low weight)

  • High reliability

  • Radiation Tolerant and Rad Hardened by Design products (TID, SEL, SEU)

  • Space qualified technology and Very large Flight Heritage worldwide

  • No pure Tin Guaranty (less than 97% tin guaranty)

  • Very Long Life Time Electronics (Technology proven for 18 years missions in Space)

  • Worldwide delivery guarantee – ITAR Free products

Application fields

  • Consumer Applications: Telecommunications, Navigation, Internet

  • Durable development: Environment and Climate monitoring

  • Defense and Security: Earth observation

  • Space Transportation: Launch and Manned Space vehicles

  • Sciences: Astronomy, Deep Space exploration and interplanetary missions.