Our Radiation Tolerant SPI NOR Flash are latchup immune, 3.3 V powered memories featuring small pin count and serial interface. They also offer no bad block, high endurance and long time data retention. They are offered in SOP package for high resistance Surface Mount (SMT) assembly and for withstanding harsh thermal and mechanical environments.

This product line is split into two sub-families:

  • QSPI modules offering high density and high speed (up to 133 MHz)
  • TMR modules offering SEU immunity (due to to the triple modular redundancy) and better TID tolerance through an integrated switch.

First released in 2018, 3D PLUS SPI NOR Flash are used as configuration memory for SRAM-based FPGAs or as boot/program memory for leading processors. These memory modules have been used on missions such as EMIT and others.

Key features

  • Up to 133 MHz for QSPI, 50 MHz for TMR modules

    Small footprint

  • Radiation tolerance for QSPI modules:

    TID > 20 krad(Si)

    SEL LETth > 62.5 MeV.cm²/mg

    SEU LETth > 15.0 MeV.cm²/mg;
    σsat = 7.5e-11 cm²/bit

  • Available in all 3D PLUS screening and qualification options:

    Commercial (C )

    Industrial (I)

    Space qualified (S)

  • 20 years data retention

    100, 000 erase/program cycles

  • Radiation tolerance for TMRed modules:

    TID > 20 krad (Si) mode ON

    TID > 40 krad(Si) mode OFF

    SEL LETth > 62.5 MeV.cm²/mg

    SEU Immune by TMR

  • Long life cycle products with proven reliability in Space

    No pure tin guarantee

    Large and worldwide flight heritage



Line Up

Line Up

Each 3D PLUS standard product and SiP solution are defined by a specific part number based on the part number decoder provided below. The ordering information consist as a minimum of the following 3 items for fully define a product:

  • The product’s Part Number
  • The temperature range
  • The quality grade

For High Reliability products or SiPs for Aerospace applications, a Source Control Drawing (SCD#) referenced 3DPA-xxxx is available for each product. It shall be used for its procurement in addition to other ordering information.

Memory Part Number Decoder


Density Part Number Description Package Temperature
128 Mb TMR 3DFS128M01VS2728 Up to 40 MHz clock
TMR module with SEU immunity
SOP 20 -55 °C to +125 °C
256 Mb TMR 3DFS256M04VS2801 Up to 50 MHz clock
TMR module with SEU immunity
SOP 24 -55 °C to +105 °C
256 Mb 3DFS256M04VS1740 Up to 133 MHz clock SOP 18 -55 °C to +105 °C
512 Mb 3DFS512M04VS2722 Up to 133 MHz clock SOP 18 -55 °C to +105 °C

Design Tools

Design Tools

128 Mb TMR

3DFS128M01VS2728 - Assembly Recommendations PDF - 805 ko Télécharger
3DFS128M01VS2728 - Footprint PDF - 268 ko Télécharger

256 Mb TMR

3DFS256M04VS2801 - Assembly Recommendations PDF - 805 ko Télécharger
3DFS256M04VS2801- Footprint PDF - 253 ko Télécharger

256 Mb

3DFS256M04VS1740 - Assembly Recommendations PDF - 805 ko Télécharger
3DFS256M04VS1740 - Footprint PDF - 259 ko Télécharger

512 Mb

3DFS512M04VS2722 - Assembly Recommendations PDF - 805 ko Télécharger
3DFS512M04VS2722 - Footprint PDF - 267 ko Télécharger

Mezzanine board

3DFS256M04VS2801 - Presentation Note PDF - 1310 ko Télécharger


Density Part Number Data Sheet
128 Mb TMR 3DFS128M01VS2728 Data Sheet PDF - 2852ko Télécharger
256 Mb TMR 3DFS256M04VS2801 Data Sheet PDF - 3707ko Télécharger
256 Mb 3DFS256M04VS1740 PDF - 811ko Télécharger Data Sheet
512 Mb 3DFS512M04VS2722 PDF - 830ko Télécharger Data Sheet