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The Radiation Intelligent Memory Stack (RTIMS) Flash is a user-friendly, high density, plug-and-play, radiation-protected NAND Flash memory. Its embeds a Flash Memory Controller (FMC) and NAND Flash memories.

The NAND Flash memories embedded are SLC-based and latch-up immune. The FMC provides module full protection against SEU through TMR -Triple Modular Redundancy or EDAC-Error Detection And Correction. In addition, the protection against high-current SEFi is performed by current detection and power management controlled by the FMC.

First released in 2014, RTIMS Flash can be as a standard NAND Flash when connected to any any processor or FPGA with a built-in NAND Flash interface. It is also used as a small stand-alone local data recorder due to its high level embedded functions such as wear leveling, bad block management, etc.

Key features

  • SLC memory technology

    Bad block free – continuous logic sectors

    100, 000 program/erase cycles capability

    10 years data retention

  • Radiation tolerance:

    TID > 50 krad (Si)

    SEL LETth > 62.5 MeV.cm²/mg

    SEU Immune (TMR or EDAC)

    SET Immune by design

    High Current SEFI Immune by design

  • No pure tin guarantee

    Flight heritage with technology proven for 15 to 18 years missions in space

    Worldwide delivery guarantee

Line Up

Line Up

Each 3D PLUS standard product and SiP solution are defined by a specific part number based on the part number decoder provided below. The ordering information consist as a minimum of the following 3 items for fully define a product:

  • The product’s Part Number
  • The temperature range
  • The quality grade

For High Reliability products or SiPs for Aerospace applications, a Source Control Drawing (SCD#) referenced 3DPA-xxxx is available for each product. It shall be used for its procurement in addition to other ordering information.

Memory Part Number Decoder

Density Part Number Description Package Temperature
24 Gb 3DSS24G08VS3626 Access time:
99 Mb/s write mode
287 Mb/s read mode
Asynchronous only
SOP 38 -40 °C to +85 °C
64 Gb 3DSS64G08US2818 Access time:
217 Mb/s write mode
1029 Mb/s read mode
Asynchronous and synchronous
SOP 52 -55 °C to +105 °C



Other technical documentation is available under request: IBIS, RTL, Step and Mechanical file, Radiation Report.

Density Part Number Flyer / Data sheet
24 Gb 3DSS24G08VS3626 Flyer PDF - 1853ko Download Data Sheet Application Notes
64 Gb 3DSS64G08US2818 Flyer PDF - 1784ko Download Data Sheet Application Notes