Photo credits: Fabio VITOBELLO

MNEMOSYNE Project At the Space Component Technology Board

At the Space Component Technology Board

The Space Component Technology Board had its 70th meeting on January 25, 2024, an event where 3D PLUS presented the major achievement of the MNEMOSYNE development program. The conference was hosted by the European Commission.

The European Commission is funding, through the EU Space Work Programme, the MNEMOSYNE project as part of its strategy to guarantee EU non-dependence in the space sector. The project, which started in 2019, is being carried out by a consortium led by 3D PLUS and includes IMEC, Padova University, TRAD, NanoXplore, and Beyond Gravity.

The meeting that included representatives from all European space component industry and space agencies was a really positive chance for discussion in the context of a successful partnership to fortify Europe.





More details on the EU project follow the link here

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