Mnemosyne : a non-volatile memory asic

Mnemosyne : a non-volatile memory asic

MNEMOSYNE is a project funded by the European Union as part of its policy to ensure its independence in space. The project, which started in 2019, is being carried out by a consortium led by 3D PLUS. In summer 2022, the test vehicle, a 64 Mbit ASIC, was received and tested as part of the project. Following the test results, it was decided to continue with the final ASIC with a density of 128 Mbit.

This ASIC features the following radiation characteristics:

• TID > 100 krad(Si).
• SEL, SEU, SET & SEFI LETh > 60 MeV.cm²/mg.

Using its stacking technology, 3D PLUS offers modules based on this SEE immune memory ASIC.
• The 3DMN128M08US1852 features a 3.3 V parallel EEPROM interface.
• The 3DMN512M08US4853 and 3DMN1G08US8854 feature a 1.8 V SPI interface.

The serial interface, single 1.8 V voltage supply, density, radiation performances, endurance, data retention and qualification position this memory module as the best-in class configuration/boot memory. It is therefore perfectly suited to the latest space FPGAs and processors featuring low-voltage I/O banks.

The first prototypes will be available by Q2 2024.


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