Capturing the Cosmos: IRIS The new Space Camera

Capturing the Cosmos: IRIS The new Space Camera

3D PLUS develop its Space product line with the creation of a new product family: the IRIS camera family for space applications. This new product family capitalize on recent developments of custom cameras for the Mars Sample Return (MSR), PROSPECT, and Martian Moon eXploration (MMX) missions. The association of the camera head, the different optics and the mechanical assemblies contribute to offer various complete space camera configurations. This new IRIS camera family relies on the CASPEX 4 Megapixels camera head, manufactured by 3D PLUS for more than five years, with successful space heritage (SuperCam, LICIACube, SPEXone and more).

The IRIS camera family will initially offer two standard camera configurations:
-The IRIS 8mm Space Camera Mono/RGB consists of an 8mm focal length optical assembly, offering a wide field of view of more than 80° (horizontal and vertical). The IRIS 8mm Space Camera is inherited from MSR Earth Return Orbiter MCAM multicamera monitoring system developed for Airbus DS, using five cameras with the 8mm focal length objective from the MMX mission for CNES.
-The IRIS 11mm Space Camera Mono/RGB, is equipped with an 11mm focal length optical assembly, which offers a 54° field-of-view (horizontal and vertical). The IRIS 11mm Space Camera, is inherited from the MSR-ERO mechanical and electrical development and reuse the PROSPECT mission optical assembly.

This new family range allows 3D PLUS customers to benefit from off-the-shelf generic solutions that can meet a variety of imaging applications: platform or instrument control, rover or satellite navigation and rendezvous, near or far environment monitoring (debris, satellites).
The IRIS family will expand in the future to meet the needs of tomorrow’s space missions.

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