3D PLUS earns the engaged RSE confirmed label


The label Committed to CSR, developed by AFNOR, makes it possible to assess the maturity of companies’ CSR approaches. Based on the international standard ISO 26000, this label is very demanding: more than 50 criteria are examined by a team of independent evaluators. After years of continuous improvement, 3D PLUS is proud to announce today that it has earned the CSR Commitment label at the confirmed level.

“Aware of the issues related to the environment and concerned about the role we must play within our ecosystem, 3D PLUS has initiated its Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) approach during 2021. This approach should allow us to respond to the challenges of the Sustainability of the development of our activities, for our clients, with the involvement of our employees and that of our partners. ” Pierre-Éric Berthet, CEO of 3D PLUS.


Since 2010, 3D PLUS has been committed to protecting the environment, property and people. Beyond compliance with regulations, 3D PLUS acts on a daily basis to raise staff awareness, set up selective classification, actively participate in environmental actions, and periodically identify our environmental impact. Thanks to these actions and everyone’s collaboration, between 2020 and 2021 we were able to increase the amount of recycling of waste such as paper, cardboard, cups and cigarette butts. During the same period, our monthly water consumption was reduced by 4%.

In addition, 3D PLUS has carried out other actions aimed at strengthening equality between men and women, implementing measures to help employees reconcile professional and private life, developing their skills and their participation in leisure activities and integration into the company.


Obtaining this certification is an additional step in the development of CSR for 3D PLUS. It is part of a logic of continuous improvement to make further progress in the future.

The General Management Direction wants the CSR approach to be a real corporate project with the perspective that the integration of the principles of sustainable development in our strategy and our activities will be a lever of motivation for all of our employees, and represent an opportunity of progress and growth.