News Press releases

  • NG-MEDIUM and FUSIO-RT Mission completed on the dark face of the Moon!

    2024 . 07 . 06

    NanoXplore and 3D PLUS are proud to announce their involvement in the successful Chang’e 6 mission, which recently landed on the far side of the Moon. The mission, led by China, aimed to collect lunar samples and install scientific equipment on the Moon’s surface. Both the landing and the collection of samples were resounding successes, with the shuttle now back in space.


  • 3D PLUS celebrates its first space flight heritage for FUSIO RT

    2024 . 28 . 05

    3D PLUS is thrilled to announce that the Chinese Chang´e 6 space mission, launched on May 3rd 2024, marks the first space flight heritage for our component FUSIO RT which integrates the NG-MEDIUM FPGA from NanoXplore


  • Capturing the Cosmos: IRIS The new Space Camera

    2024 . 03 . 05

    3D PLUS develop its Space product line with the creation of a new product family: the IRIS camera family for space applications.


  • What’s New in the SDRAM Space Memory?

    2024 . 18 . 03

    The 3DSD1G48VB2820 SDRAM space memory features 1.5 Gbit density with 48 bits data bus and 3.3V power supply.


  • 3D PLUS and Responsible Purchasing and Entrepreneurial Innovation

    2024 . 08 . 03

    3D PLUS took part in a meeting on the theme “Responsible Purchasing and Entrepreneurial Innovation”.


  • 3D PLUS becomes a member of the French Reliability Center

    2024 . 29 . 02

    3D PLUS seeks to be able to improve our analysis skills and know-how to achieve the excellence of our products.