The Radiation Intelligent Memory Controller is a fully configurable DDR2/3/4 SDRAM memory

controller IP core designed to work with 3D PLUS DDR2/3/4 memory modules to achieve radiation tolerance improvement. The RIMC contains all standard functions of a DDR2/3/4 memory controller for data width applications from 8b up to 144b. It includes also additional functions, such as Single Event Upset (SEU) mitigation and Single Event Functional Interrupt (SEFI) protection to be able to work in radiation environments. In addition to the memory controller IP within the RIMC IP core, the user can either select PHY IPs provided in the IP core or develop its own PHY IP.

Key features

  • High Performance SDRAM DDR controller

    • DDR PHY interface DFI 2.1 (DDR2/DDR3) and DFI 3.1 (DDR4) compliant
    • High speed (up to 1 200 Mhz for DDR4) memory controller
    • Configurable via AMBA user interface – compliant AXI/AHB/APB
  • Radiation tolerance:

    • TID Flip bit protection
    • SEU mitigation
    • SEFI Protection
    • Scrubbing for SEU and SERE corrections when enabled
  • Configurability – Flexibility

    • Selectable Hamming or Reed-Solomon Error Correction Code (ECC)
    • Configurable DDR ranks to increase memory capacity
    • Provides rank and bank management algorithms
    • Dynamically configurable via an 8-bit APB slave interface
    • Controller Bypass mode provides direct access to memories
    • Clock & ODT settings compatible with 3D PLUS modules
    • Selectable and/or auto-configurable DRAM refresh time
    • Configurable user data width
Line Up

Line Up


IP Part # Description Flyer
MEMORY CONTROLLER FOR DDR2 3DIPMC0700 Radiation Intelligent Memory Controller dedicated for DDR2 PDF – 986 KB
MEMORY CONTROLLER FOR DDR3 3DIPMC0744 Radiation Intelligent Memory Controller dedicated for DDR3 PDF – 1000 KB
MEMORY CONTROLLER FOR DDR4 3DIPMC0815 Radiation Intelligent Memory Controller dedicated for DDR4 PDF – 1007 KB