The 3DPM0356-1 Switch module is used to monitor the supply line preventing downstream failure propagation and isolating the failure source to the functions of the upstream power distribution network.

The power sequencing requirements for complex digital components, including FPGAs, necessitates fast power down of the supply lines in order to avoid damage to the components.

When the 3DPM0356-1 Switch module detects an over-current event, the Switch module will switch off the downstream power supply line in order to protect loads. The current threshold level can be adjusted through an external resistor (RADJ). Re-powering of the system can be performed via two external inputs EN and OVP#, controlled by digital signals.

The Switch module, has been designed for Space applications and provides high reliability, radiation tolerance, a small form factor and mass. It features a SEL/SET LETth of 60 MeV.cm2/mg and a TID of 50 krad (Si).

Key Features

Wide input voltage range: 3V to 12V

Line currents up to 7A

Low voltage drop (90mV @ 7A)

Fast switch-OFF time (20µs max) for over-current

Adjustable current threshold

Capability to adjust startup time

Two external control inputs (EN & OVP#)

Space Qualified Technology

Radiation Hardened by Design:

  • TID > 50 krad(Si)
  • SEL and SET > 60 MeV.cm²/mg

Operating temperature: -40°C / +105°C

Package: 48-pin BGA  ; 1.27mm-pitch

Size: 13 x 13 x 9.8 mm

Mass: < 4 g



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