Octal Majority Voter

Octal Majority Voter

The 3DRC3508ES2861 is a 3-input, high-speed octal majority voter module with built-in triple redundancy. With the three 8-bit inputs used for majority voting, the module provides the result of the vote as an output, along with an error signal indicating if there is a difference between any of the input bits (also 8-bit).

Operating on a power supply range from 1.65 V to 5.5 V, the module can be used in any type of redundancy configuration, thanks to the cold protection function.
The 3DRC3508ES2861 is immune to SET and SEL by design, and insensitive to SEU/MBU by process (CMOS IC), qualifying its use in the space environment. Its integration into digital systems improves reliability through the use of the TMR. This space-qualified module is ITAR-free.