Micro Camera Heads


3D PLUS micro camera heads are elegant solutions that integrate high performance image sensors with related electronics, to fit easily in a miniaturized form factor such as flexible endoscopes.

The embedded electronics of the micro camera heads allow for easy implementation, straightforward use, and tuning capability. Up to 10 meters of cable can be connected between the camera head and the base station.
The micro camera is packaged through 3D PLUS patented stacking technology qualified for critical environment applications (vibration, shock, thermal…) while achieving a high level of miniaturization.
The CMOS camera head provides the user with all settings and real time control functions like color, brightness, contrast, and image resolution set-up. The micro camera heads can be delivered as a full OEM video system with various length of cable.

3D PLUS micro camera heads are used for video endoscopes applications, robotics and assembly inspection equipment where picture quality is a must and reliability a given.

Key Features

  • Highly miniaturized – very small diameter – light weight
  • CMOS camera designed as drop in replacement from CCD in flexible endoscopes
  • 1/6” and 1/10” color CCD sensors
  • High resolution, high sensitivity and low smear
  • Low dark current
  • Excellent anti blooming characteristics
  • Integrated real time image signal processing
  • Long length cables driving capability
  • Digital data stream ready for display



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