Quality System

Quality System

3D PLUS’s Quality and Reliability Organization is the executive arm of the quality for the entire company. It is responsible for ensuring that 3D PLUS has the most competitive systems, processes, and programs in place to drive the strategic quality improvement goals. It maintains, analyzes, and reports all internal and external quality and reliability data. As the customer advocate, it also has the overall responsibility for 3D PLUS’s Customer Satisfaction Plan, which includes scorecard and customer survey management. 3D PLUS’s Global Quality and Reliability structure is outlined in the below chart.
The Global Quality and Reliability Team are all together in the same room to exchange on daily basis to develop major goals, initiatives, and programs based on internal and external data.
Quality metric goals have owners that are responsible for measuring, analyzing and driving improvements toward defined targets.
These goals and initiatives are closely monitored and shared with all levels of the organization.

To ensure that stringent product quality and reliability expectations are integrated throughout the company, 3D PLUS has established a global Quality Policy.
The policy is spread within several key management control system documents. The following policies are currently in effect:

Quality Manual

This document 3DPQ-0080 can be controlled by customers at 3D PLUS. Only partial information can be shared under NDA. The main ISO 9001 document provides detailed information and references about 3D PLUS.

Reliability Qualification Methodology

The selection of new memory products is a full evaluation and qualification reported in an executive summary report made by 3D PLUS.
3D PLUS catalog products are qualified through our ESA approved Process Identification Document 3300-0546-10, with the application of ECSS-Q-ST-60-05C and ECSS-Q-ST-60-13C (added mid 2016).
Specific Space products like SiPs, since not fully compliant to our approved PID are qualified with supplementary Product Qualification.

Reliability Monitoring

A summary of main tests that 3D PLUS standard products should comply with is released on a yearly basis. More information is available from the Reliability Data Center here.
On specific demands customer is free to ask for some of them, if required for its mission.


3D PLUS Radiation Assurance Policy has been set-up for the Radiation Tolerant Stack Products, and it covers all the effects induced on the semiconductor devices by the Space radiation environment.
In Space, electronic devices are subjected to radiations and 3D PLUS monitor Total Ionizing Dose effect (TID) and Single Event Effects (SEE).
3D PLUS Radiation Tolerant Products follow the guidelines of our 3D PLUS Radiation Assurance Policy.

Return Material Acceptance (RMA)

This policy applies to all return material authorization request from the field, to get 3D PLUS support, initiate complaint and failure analysis process, to exchange parts if error in the order or to add options like varnish and tinning.

Failure Analysis, Non Conformance Report (8D)

3D PLUS has a policy to analyze every reliability failure for root cause identification using 8D problem solving methodology. This policy applies to all return of materials authorization that needs strict investigation and root cause analysis.

Product Change Notice and End of Life Policy

This policy outlines the 3D PLUS Customer Notification Policy for Product/Process Change Notification (PCN) and Product End-of-life.

Date Code

This policy outlines the minimum acceptable topside date code requirements for shipping product to customers. 3D PLUS date code is defined as YYWW.

Traceability Information

Space grade 3D PLUS modules are all laser engraved on top with part number, 3D PLUS logo, date code defined as (YYWW), serial number.
Few exception does have identification on one vertical face of the module due to the design of electrical signals.


Commercial space grade is all laser engraved on top with part number, 3D PLUS logo, date code defined as (YYWW).
Few exception does have identification on one vertical face of the module due to the size of the module and the design of electrical signals.
The serial number can be identifying at the bottom of the module prior mounting with four digits.


Industrial products are thinner and therefore less area on top to place complete part number. It is sometimes shrink (3D) at the beginning, nevertheless you will find 3D PLUS logo, date code defined as (YYWW), serial number with four digits.

Any time you can ask for traceability search, all records are stored electronically with backup fully recovered twice a year.

Certificate of Conformance (COC)

A certificate of conformance is delivered with every single purchase order, in which you will find 3D PLUS reference, 3D PLUS cage code 3FBQ6 (applicable for US and Canada), customer purchase order, applicable specification and revision level, quantity, product date code, quality level, temperature range, and options if any.

End Item Data Package (EIDP)

In addition to the certificate of conformance the EIDP delivered for space grades products, is as well providing information related to products like serial numbers, Lot Acceptance Test (LAT) parts, components traceability information, Request for Waiver (RFW) and Non Conformance Report (NCR) if applicable, in standard generic Total Ionizing Dose (TID) report, LAT and Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) module.
As an option LAT and DPA of embedded component can be delivered, with specific TID.
In addition, supplementary test mentioned in Harsh Environment section can be performed for a given purchase order.
The EIDP is also mentioning In and Out products during module manufacturing as a standard. 3 parts are taken for dimensioning and weight check.
All information is burned in a CD Rom including electrical test and included in a nice binder.

Part Number Decoder

A part number decoder table is defined to ease customer purchase order edition, in order to have same language in front of a need.

Part number decoder, specification and options table are defined by:

  • 3DPI-0030 - Part Number Decoder - Memory products
  • 3DPI-0130 - Part Number Decoder - Sensor modules
  • 3DPI-0940 - Part Number Decoder - Power - Computer - SIP
  • 3DPI-1010 - Part Number Decoder - Interface modules

Customer Documentation Review

This document specifies the global policy and procedure for customer document review assessed by 3D PLUS during contract review with the acknowledgment of order.


Part Number Decoder - Memory Products

3DPI-0030-10 Part Number Decoder 3D PLUS Memory Products

Part Number Decoder - Sensor modules

3DPI-0130-7 Part Number Decoder 3D PLUS Sensor modules

Part Number Decoder - Power - Computer - SiP

3DPI-0940-1 Part Number Decoder 3D PLUS Power - Computer - SiP

Part Number Decoder - Interface modules

3DPI-1010-2 Part Number Decoder 3D PLUS Interface modules




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