Our Commitment


3D PLUS is a company, specialized in micro-electronics, using an innovative technology for the implementation of miniaturized products with components designed, manufactured and marketed by it. Its specificity is based on the interconnection of electronic components in three dimensions.
3D PLUS is providing a competitive advantage to its customers through timely, innovative, and defect-free products with outstanding service and specific customer support organization with systematic continuous improvement.

Quality Policy

3D PLUS is a company with a strong Quality involvement at any step of Manufacturing but also in all the support function. It has been created with the main objective to support the aerospace community and deployed this philosophy through the military and medical field.
3D PLUS is always looking for new opportunities to apply its strong 3D stacking technology heritage,
3D PLUS is strongly believing in manpower efficiency and involvement,
3D PLUS is now investing more in new project development with strict application of Quality rules and mindset, always oriented to give benefits of new technology to the aerospace, military and medical community.

The strong involvement of the personnel working in the Aerospace field since the creation of the company has leaded to achieve such a high level of quality that our technology was qualified in 2004 by both French and European Space agencies. This is why, in relying on our history, our dual objective is, on one hand, to have a very strong growth leading to positive results and, on the other hand, to conduct and improve Quality procedures according to our essential values:


3D PLUS has to develop its catalog of high-technology and high value-added products to insure its growth. To do it, 3D PLUS wishes to preserve its leadership and still be a main actor in the field of interconnection and packaging of components. That is why, the Direction incites the entire staff to get involved in the innovation to position better with regard to the competition.
Our objective is to place on the market a new product a month.


Every 3D PLUS employee in direct relationship with customers should focus on the following:

  • Knowledge of customer expectations and needs,
  • Customer satisfaction in terms of follow-up, services and relationships,
  • Penetration of new fields, different from our existing space markets.

This focus will provide values created for new activities to be added on those of our present markets.

Attentive communication with our customers, linked to substantial efforts of industrialization, should allow us to increase our order entry by 15% each year.


The Quality Product approach implemented since the founding of 3D PLUS in October 1995 has given the company a very high reliability reputation, which has to be maintained and further developed.

The whole manufacturing process of products, since the design until the tests, must therefore meet the following objectives:

  • Compliance to PID "Process Identification Document" for space business,
  • Conformity of the products to customer demands,
  • Commitment for announced deadlines,
  • Optimization of purchase order process,
  • Total control of Design and Manufacturing processes,
  • Control of the selected suppliers.

The company wishes that the Management System of the Quality based on the standard ISO 9001 stays a real corporate development plan. It makes a commitment to supply the resources necessary for the improvement of the Management System of the Quality and asks to the entire staff to participate in its evolution towards the version 2015.

Environmental Policy

3D PLUS in its quality of responsible industry, is committed for several years in the environmental protection, of the goods and people. In its leading position of micro-electronic components manufacturer for space applications, the environment and the safety constitute major axes of improvement.
This initiative was introduced in 2010 during the construction of the new building (408, rue Hélène Boucher), in which the last innovations in terms of electricity consumption and water control have been organized. It is also the case for the reprocessing of chemicals used in our plating line.

Beyond the respect for the regulations, 3D PLUS makes a commitment:

  • To list our environmental impact in a regular basis: water, electricity, paper, other waste, air emissions, aqueous rejections(discharges), chemicals.
  • To define and to implement action plans which should lead to contain it and reduce it.
  • To appoint a project manager, a person in charge of these action plans.
  • To respect and to improve the waste sorting, in particular for papers and carton boxes, and to promote recycling network close to factory.
  • To participate in an active way in the environmental actions organized by Versailles Grand Parc. In particular regarding transportation.
  • To communicate to all employees and partner the progress of our actions.

Inventor of 3D stacked Electronics for Space


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Rugged components able to withstand harsh environments and space radiation effects


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