4 Megapixels CMOS Space Camera Head and IPs


The 4 Megapixels Space Camera Head is a high-resolution camera head for space applications. Integrated using 3D PLUS packaging technology, this cmera module embeds a 2048x2048 CMOS Image Sensor, associated with a user-reconfigurable FPGA-based electronic architecture, allowing configurable embedded image processing and formatting for a versatile use.

The 4 Megapixels Space Camera Head embeds all necessary components to operate the CMOS image sensor and the FPGA in highly constrained space environment (integrated DC-DC converters, Latch-up protection, processing and storage memory) in a reduced volume of 35x35x23mm3. This camera module offers a configurable electrical interface through a 55-pin PGA matrix, including 12 LVDS pairs, 13 general purpose IOs, a JTAG interface and a 5V to 9V input power supply. It also provides dedicated optical, mechanical, and thermal interface for an optimal and easy integration in its user's instrument.

This product is suitable to cover a wide range of applications, including scientific imaging, platform or payload monitoring, startracking or navigation application. 

The 4 Megapixels Space Camera Head has been selected in the scope of multiple missions, including NASA's Mars2020 program as a part of the SuperCam Instrument of the Perseverance rover, and benefits from flight heritage since 2019.

Key Features

4 Megapixels CMOS Image Sensor:

  • 2048 (H) * 2048 (V) active pixels on 5.5µm pitch
  • RGB or Monochrome
  • Read noise: 13 e-
  • FWC: > 11k e-
  • Dark Current < 125 e-/s
  • Spectral response: 400-1000 nm
  • Embedded image processing functions (subsampling, windowing)

User-configurable Flash-based FPGA (3M Logic Gates)

Embedded memories:

  • 1 Gbit SDRAM processing memory
  • 8 Gbit NAND Flash storage memory

Frame rate:

  • 16 frames/s @ full resolution in 10-bit mode
  • 7 frames/s @ full resolution in 12-bit mode

13 general purpose signals

10 LVDS output pairs and 2 LVDS input pairs

Radiation tolerance:

  • TID > 30 krad(Si)
  • SEL LET > 60 MeV.cm²/mg

Temperature range: -40°C to +70°C

35x35x23 mm3, Mass < 62 g

Space qualified technology

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