4 Mpx CMOS Camera


This instrument has been integrated using the 3D PLUS technology in order to be as compact as possible. It includes includes 4 stacked levels in a 3D cube with a reduced volume of 35x35x23 mm3. The top level contains the 2048x2048 pixels CMOS image sensor which is the key element of the camera. Images are provided by the CMOS sensor through the 10 LVDS multiplexable output pairs that can be configured as 20 single-ended outputs increasing the number of single-ended outputs up to 33 signals. 

An FPGA is integrated in the module and can store images in the volatile memory placed at the same level and perform preliminary image processing as averaging, adding, windowing etc…

The space camera module is suitable to cover a wide range of scientific applications such as planetology, but also platforms or launch vehicles monitoring and star trackers.

Key Features

2048 (H) * 2048 (V) active pixels on 5.5µm pitch

Available with RGB or Monochrome sensor

User-configurable FPGA

Frame rate:

  • 7 frames/s @ full resolution (12-bit mode)
  • 16 frames/s @ full resolution (10-bit mode)

Embedded 2x512Mb SDRAM and 8Gb NAND Flash

Integrated clock and Timing generator

Integrated Image Signal Processor

Programmable gain amplifier and offset regulation

13 general purpose signals

10 LVDS output pairs and 2 LVDS input pairs

Radiation tolerance:

  • TID > 30 krad(Si)
  • SEL LET > 60 MeV.cm²/mg

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