Market Nuclear

3D PLUS is the world leader in digital and analog solutions for space applications and nuclear innovations requiring high reliability and high performance. 3D PLUS' portfolio of patented technologies addresses a wide range of needs and requirements from low volume qualified to high volume industrial applications.

Key benefits

Our advanced stacking technology and proven design, manufacturing and testing expertise are the foundation and strength of 3D PLUS products and bring revolutionary benefits to the company’s customers’ electronic designs such as:

  • High performance

  • High density

  • Very high speed

  • Excellent signal integrity

  • Extreme miniaturization

In addition, the products developed ensure that 3D PLUS offers robust solutions to extremely harsh environments and radiation with a full range of radiation tolerant products.

For nearly 15 years now, 3D PLUS has been working in collaboration with the CEA IRFU on the development of the Caliste technology, a miniature imaging spectrometer based on CdTe, capable of achieving high energy resolution (less than 1 keV to 60 keV) and high imaging resolution in the gamma range.

The Caliste technology was successfully launched on board the Solar Orbiter satellite, in the STIX instrument proving its high reliability and performance.

This collaboration led to the creation of ALB3DO (Advanced Laboratory for the Development of 3D Detection Devices), a French R&D laboratory shared by the Institute of Fundamental Research (IRFU) of CEA Saclay and 3D PLUS. Thanks to the combination of these expertises, ALB3DO creates and promotes technologies such as Spid-X, a portable gamma camera, inheriting the high performances of the Caliste space technology for the nuclear industry.

Application fields

  • Monitoring

  • Waste management

  • Decommisionnning

  • Emergency

  • Border Control