Aircrafts & Unmanned Vehicles


Leveraging on their reliability, their quality and their high performance under very harsh environments (thermal, vibrations, shocks), 3D PLUS standard products and SiPs are ideally suited for Aircrafts and Avionics applications.

They are used in various high performances rugged embedded computers, rugged display systems and data storage boards where the capability to enable today the next generation of memory density is Key.

3D PLUS adaptable and cost-optimized supply chain is sized to achieve a fast time-to-market for the new products and to meet diverse ramp-up and mass manufacturing requirements.

For the most demanding application, our highly miniaturized and versatile SiPs enable achieving a combination that cannot be realized with monolithic SoC approaches, and it has a lower development cost and a faster time to market.

Key benefits

They realize key features and benefits thanks to the 3D PLUS State-of-the-Art stacking technology and recognized design, manufacturing and test expertise:

  • Extreme miniaturization
  • Capability to merge heterogeneous component technologies (Die-Package-Passive) and functions (sensor, actuators, communication, processing, storage) in one single Package
  • Very high performance (no parasitic elements between sensors and processing electronics)
  • Very High Reliability
  • Rugged to harsh environments (thermal, vibrations, shocks)

Application fields

  • Flight management systems
  • FADEC Electronic control units
  • Navigation processing unit
  • Information and data acquisition systems
  • Blackbox and beacons

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