Medical & Sciences


The fantastic development of the components interconnection technology allowed imagining « Systems in Package » of around a few mm3, which opened new perspectives for medical and sciences applications.

Since the use of hybrid modules, then Multichip Modules « MCM » which were identical to the previous ones but named differently, the coming of the interconnection in 3-D allowed to divide both the volume and weight of a module by a factor comprised between 25 and more than 100.

Key benefits

3D PLUS State-of-the-Art stacking technology and recognized design, manufacturing and test expertise realize key features and benefits for medical and science applications:

  • Extreme miniaturization
  • Capability to merge heterogeneous component technologies (Die-Package-Passive) and functions (sensor, stimulators, communication, processing, storage, energy) in one single Package
  • Very high performance (no parasitic elements between sensors and processing electronics)
  • Very High Reliability
  • Rugged to harsh environments

Application fields

  • Flexible Endoscope and minimally invasive probes (medical and veterinary)
  • X-Ray Camera (medical and science)
  • Ultrasonic echography
  • Leadless pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillator
  • Micro stimulators and implantable devices

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