Micro Camera Heads

Micro Camera Heads Product Overview

Micro Camera Heads

High performances, light weight and highly miniaturized 1/6” and 1/10” CCD micro camera heads are available in PAL and NTSC video standards.
They embed state-of-the art CCD sensors with high resolution and sensitivity, low smear and dark current, and excellent anti blooming characteristics.
The embedded interface electronics grant the micro camera heads with long cable driving capability and excellent signal integrity: up to 10 meters of cable can be connected between the camera head and the base station (20 meters cable can be connected on specific demand).
The micro camera is packaged through 3D Plus patented stacking technology qualified for harsh environment applications (vibrations, mechanical shocks, thermal, humidity).
A DSP controlled Electronics Board can be connected to the camera head and is providing the user with all the micro camera heads settings and control functions like color, brightness, contrast and image window set-up. The Micro Camera Heads and the Electronics Board can be delivered as a full OEM video system with various length of cable.
3D plus micro camera heads are used for video endoscopes applications, robotics and assembly inspection equipments where picture quality is a must.

Key Features

  • Highly miniaturized – Very small diameter – light weight
  • 1/6” and 1/10” color CCD sensors
  • Available for PAL and NTSC video system
  • High resolution, High sensitivity and low smear
  • Low dark current
  • Excellent anti blooming characteristics
  • Long length cables driving capability
  • Rugged for harsh environments
  • Recommended range of exit pupil distance : -10 mm to –oo

Micro Camera Heads Lineup