Applications Overview

3D plus offers catalog products upward to more complex System-In-Package (SiP) custom solutions bringing breakthrough advantages for tomorrow’s space-saving technology-driven applications.

Our technology offer responds to a diverse range of needs and requirements going from low volume-space qualified up to high volume-industrial applications.

3D Plus products and technologies are used worldwide on the ground, in our skies, and in outer space.

Applications Lineup

  • SpaceSpaceRecognized for their electrical performance, miniaturization, quality, high reliability and Radiation Assurance level (TID, SEL, SEU), 3D Plus space qualified products and custom SiPs are used worldwide in all the space applications fields: Telecommunications, Navigation, Earth observation, Climate monitoring, Space transportation and Sciences.Read More
  • Aircrafts and AvionicsAircrafts and AvionicsLeveraging on their reliability, their quality and their high performance under very harsh environments (thermal, vibrations and shocks), 3D Plus standard products and SiPs are ideally suited for various aircrafts and avionics equipments.Read More
  • Defense and SecurityDefense and Security3D Plus expertise is at the heart of mission-critical defense and security applications requiring high performance, high reliability, top-quality and long term availability products. 3D Plus solutions enable a wide range of applications going from large equipments up to mobile and wearable electronics.Read More
  • Computers boards and Embedded SystemsComputers boards and Embedded SystemsUnderstanding the requirements of Standard Computer Boards and Memory Board/Cards used in embedded systems, 3D Plus offers a wide range of solutions with low power, high density, cost effectiveness and fast time to market.Read More
  • IndustrialIndustrial3D Plus catalog products and SiPs are used in various applications where miniaturization, performance and operating with reliability under very harsh environments (high temperature, thermal cycles, vibrations and shocks) are a must.Read More
  • Medical and sciencesMedical and sciencesThanks to a very high miniaturization and reliability, 3D Plus SiP products help pushing the limits of extremely sensitive sensor electronics, and they enable medical and sciences application that would not be possible with other technology.Read More